1. Ask an adult for permission before cooking any recipe.

2. Always wash your hands with soap and water before preparing food and after handling uncooked meat.

3. Tie back your long hair and roll up loose sleeves to avoid having yourself catch on fire.

4. Wash all fruit and vegetables in cold water before preparing.

5. Make sure all pots and pans, and cooking utensils are clean before using.

6. Check all ingredients for freshness before using.

7. Ask an adult to help you use the stove, oven, electrical appliances, or any sharp kitchen tools, such as knives, peelers, graters, and scissors.

8. Place pots on burners before turning on the stove, and turn off the stove before removing pots from the burner.

9. When cooking on the stove, keep pot handles turned away from you so the pots won't be knocked over accidentally.

10. Use thick, dry pot holders to handle hot pots, pans, plates, and cookie sheets.

11. Never use an electrical appliance with wet hands or use one in a wet place.

12. When using an electric mixer, always turn off the motor and pull out the plug before lifting beaters out of the bowl.

13. Hold the lid down on an electric blender. Never reach inside a blender with your hands; the blades are razor sharp!

14. Clean up the countertops and utensils as you use them. To avoid breaking your neck, wipe floor spills as soon as they happen.

15. Make sure your kitchen has a working fire extinguisher, and ask an adult to show you how to use it.