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If you just happen to be driving along the back roads of North Texas there's a good chance you might be lucky enough to find an enchanted kingdom called Brae Edenhall. Before coming upon this four story 'castle' with an observatory on the top floor, you would have passed by pastures with longhorn cattle, working quarter horses and even buffalo. However, Brae Edenhall's inhabitants are much smaller - this is the home of Real & Muff Musgrave and their fun loving, magical Pocket Dragons.

Since childhood, Real has been fascinated with dragons. He began drawing them when he was five years old. When he opened a gallery in 1974 to sell and display his fantasy artwork, he began to fully develop his most successful creation. He did that with the help of his partner and wife, Muff, and an unlikely source of inspiration - their dog, Flower.

Real has constantly been inspired in this wonderful setting, to create a world of wonder for us all. The models that inspire him are all at hand, from his wonderful wife Muff, his creative muse and business partner, to the many Musgrave animals with all their various personalities.

"Pocket Dragons" have a long history, with the first one being a print made from sketches originally done on a pocket sized drawing pad. In 1974 Real opened a small gallery and commercial art studio from which he sold his fantasy drawings (many of which included his beloved dragons). But even before this, when Real was five years old, he drew dragons. The development of Real's work from these first dragons, through life-sized sculptures of dragons to Pocket Dragons as we know and love back over.

Real's gentle humor is exhibited not only through his sculptures, but also through his drawings, etchings and paintings which have been widely shown in museums and galleries. For 14 years Real served as the official artist of the Texas Renaissance Festival, and he has been a guest artist at Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions.

Since 7989, Real has been sculpting Pocket Dragons and their friends for Collectible World Studios - and in the last 11 years so many exciting things have happened for "The Whimsical World of Pocket Dragons". So much so that the family of Pocket Dragon lovers has spread and now spans the globe. So count yourselves among us....and let us introduce our real "stars". Welcome to The Whimsical World Of Pocket Dragons

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